Music Slump

I miss 😦

I’ve yet to find a replacement even close for music discovery and as a result I’ve been listening to the same dozen or so albums for the last two months (I’m an Rdio guy) and I’m spent or more apt bored. I need something new. Something to get excited about. This never happened before. was like magic – constantly serving up great stuff.

For some reason I just can’t get into any other discovery service. And I’ve tried.

I’ve tried SoundCloud for discovery and I’ve struggled with it a ton. I love the team at SC, major props to them, but it just doesn’t “feel” right to me for music discovery. And each time I try I abandon it. Same for HypeMachine. 8Tracks. Songza. Tomahawk. Etc. Etc. They just don’t work for me for some reason. I used to get some good music from Tumblr, but that dried up long ago in my opinion.

One thing I do like is SiriusXMU. They play some great new music, but I’m not in control. And that bothers me. And I guess I’m just too lazy to go to all the music blogs out there and see what’s up. Again, I loved how aggregated that for me.

I’m rambling I know… but despite every programmer in the world seemingly taking a shot at music discovery no one has even come close to figuring it out (it’s really hard and even harder to make any money doing it). almost did. Especially v1 in my opinion when it turned the entire internet into a supercharged music discovery machine. I still miss it. Every day.

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