Sleep No More

I saw this morning Bijan couldn’t sleep.

I’ve written about my troubles with sleep. My co-founder, Bart has nights where he can’t sleep. And others have written me saying, “You’re not alone brother, I often can’t sleep either”.

It got me wondering why? Why can’t so many of us sleep any more? I’m sure computers and phones and TVs and screens of all shapes and sizes have a lot to do with that. I also think we’ve become very good at thinking we’re multitasking when in fact all we’re really doing is creating a lot of stressful activity in our minds.

We’ve really lost the ability to settle ourselves and focus on one thing. Or even better focus on nothing and just relax. We’re always going, always checking something on a device, always engaging online and off, or always playing, reading, or entertaining our kids. It’s all too much and it’s taking its toll most at night when we finally do try and switch things off and go to sleep we can’t. We shouldn’t be surprised when we’re admiring the ceiling at 3:00am.

There of course is another huge factor – we’ve all become quite sedentary. We sure as heck aren’t out there plowing fields, milking cows, or hunting for dinner. It means our bodies don’t get as tired. So we do more, which leads to more restlessness. I know for a fact I sleep 100 times better if I work out. Makes sense. Also what I eat factors into that a lot as well. And yet I can’t seem to get on a good pattern with either of those things and that’s definitely messing things up.

Ultimately though I think it’s about worry. We’ve become a nation of people who worry. We worry about our kids, we worry about bills if we don’t have money, we worry about losing all our money if we do have it, we worry about making a giant life mistake, or getting sick, or whatever. We just worry. That really messes with your head and keeps you up at night. I know it sure does for me.

Anyway, it’s interesting and alarming to see so many people struggling to sleep. Because there are few things better than a really good night’s sleep. I haven’t had one of them in months and I miss it dearly.

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