I keep list of five folks I’d like to share a meal with*. People who I think are smart, funny, or would just be a blast to be around. Folks rotate in and out of that list. Except for one – Jon Stewart. He’s the only permanent fixture. I think it would be wonderful to just pick his brain for an hour or two. He’s got this devilishly wicked mind and acerbic wit. And a range of knowledge honed over years of interviewing the most varied and interesting folks in the world (I’ve been watching him since he had his MTV show). And on top of it all he’s still charming and humble. A rare combo. In a word he’s captivating to me as mancrushy as that sounds.

All of this was reconfirmed after reading his recent interview in New York Magazine. In it he displays his intellect and ability to access, diffuse, and explain what’s going on across a wide range of topics – from the woeful political landscape, to the ebola panic, to the state of the media “complex”. He handles each topic deftly. You can (and should) read the entire article here.

I’m very much looking forward to his movie, Rosewater. And there are few things I enjoy more than sitting down and watching The Daily Show. Someday I hope to sit across the table from him. That’d be neat.

* FYI – My current top five folks I’d like to share a meal with. In order:

1) Jon Stewart
2) Elizabeth Warren
3) Elon Musk
4) Carlota Perez
5) Derek Jeter

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