Let’s Go To The Movies! (Kinda)

I live above a giantantic AMC movie “complex”, arguably the nicest in the city. It even has a fancy-schmancy IMAX in it. Two blocks away are The Walter Reade Theater and Elinor Bunin Monroe Film Center. Just two blocks south of them is the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas.

And yet in the last few years I can count the number of films I’ve seen in the theaters on one hand.

There’s a few reasons why: First there haven’t been that many great movies I’ve been itching to see when they first come out on “the big screen”. Second home TVs have become remarkable movie machines. I’ve got a 55″ Samsung that blows me away. It even does 3D. Well! Third, having two young kids it’s a lot of time and money to coordinate a sitter just to go watch a movie for two hours. Fourth, movie ticket pricing in New York City is just absurd – approaching $20 a ticket (crazy). Lastly, On-Demand, Netflix, Apple, FiOS, Amazon, and all the premium channels have been battling it out to get first-run movies available in homes typically just weeks after their release. Sometimes you can even get them before the theaters which is great. Renting at home is only $5 as well! Plus, you can be in the comfort of your own home and pause them, say when your daughter comes out from her bed asking for some more milk. 😉

So, it’s actually not surprising I haven’t gone to the theaters in a while and rarely feel I need to. But…

All that said, there is one movie I can’t want to go to the theaters for – “Interstellar“. It looks epic and just feels like it needs to be seen on a big screen. I’m also a huge fan of Christopher Nolan’s work (Batman was meh though). Anyway, I’ve been waiting for this flick for a while and I’m looking forward to seeing it in a theater. It’s sci-fi which Lili doesn’t really do, so I’ll probably go alone which is fine. It’ll be like a little, mini-vacation. Ha.

Related: There is an amazing batch of films coming out in the next month or so and I can’t wait to see them all. Though I can’t see myself going to a theater to see any of these. I may if I can’t wait.

1) Foxcatcher. The movie I’m most looking forward to seeing. Don’t be surprised if it wins Best Film of the Year and Steve Carroll wins best actor. I will probably go to a theater to see this one.

2) Birdman. Looks great. What a cast. And impressive live-theater-like takes.

3) Nightcrawler. I think Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the most underrated actors out there.

4) Dumb and Dumber To. Because sometimes you just need a stupid laugh.

5) Rosewater. Jon Stewart has a brilliant mind. I want to see what he does with this.

6) The Imitation Game. A fascinating look at mathematician and logician, Alan Turing.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Movies! (Kinda)

  1. i saw Birdman and Jessica saw Nightcrawler. both are good. i can’t wait to see the imitation game. i’m not going to see Interstellar. space scares me.


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