Food Friday: Buvette

I’ve written about Buvette a bunch. It’s my spot if I had to pick ONE spot in NYC as my favorite. Today was extra special as my wife joined me. A rarity at the old Buvette. We got there late and it was packed. Even renowned actor, Brian Cox, knows of the glory of Buvette as he was sitting a few tables in. Ha ha.

Even with a little bit of a line and wait at the front they sat us right away. Feels good to be an appreciated regular like that. Though I think we were a small party of two and the rest of the folks waiting were bigger groups. Still, I like to think it’s because we were a little special 😉

PY went with the croque forestier. Damn sam that thing is decadent. I went with bacon and eggs. That’s my go to dish there now. They make it special for me. Yay me 🙂

We killed a few cappuccinos, too, and just had a great morning together. It’s really, really rare Lili and I get to share a breakfast alone together. Made today even more special. I missed it. She’s my best friend and we were eating at my favorite place. Can’t really ask for much more than that.

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