I Doubt It.

File this one under being truthful. The last few weeks I’ve really doubted myself. Especially around Peggsite. I see the vision and know where it can go and be, but I’ve been getting lost in the trees. I’ve also been questioning myself a ton. Am I a good enough designer to get this off the ground? Can I execute well enough to make this succeed? Again, I find myself answering with, “I don’t know”. At least I’m being honest about that. That I’m pretty proud of.

Still, doubt is a bitch and she’s bogging me down.

4 thoughts on “I Doubt It.

    1. Definitely not the vision. In fact I believe in that more than ever. The path and execution have not been as easy as I hoped. I like the challenge. I just don’t care for the doubt and feeling like an idiot at times.


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