A Big Fat Lie

This past weekend Lili and I watched Fed Up. Yet another sad documentary on the crisis of the American diet and it’s effects on our growing obesity rates. While it offered little in terms of new insights than previous films in this vein have (see Food Inc, King Corn, Super Size Me to name just a few) it certainly provided the same level of outrage.

Put simply, the game is rigged with big business and the government in bed together. All that matters today are healthy profits, certainly not a healthy populace. The USDA is one giant joke. A lie perpetrated on the public to actually get them to eat more crap food from giant mega-corps. It’s sad and infuriating.

One thing Fed Up did a bit differently was focus on kids, which made it all the more depressing. Young kids and teenagers addicted to junk food and soda clocking in at 200, 300, and sometimes even 400 lbs. These kids are literally surrounded by processed food now. At stores (all stores, not just super markets), at school, on TV, and now on the Internet it’s soda, candy, chips, and pizza galore. They are bombarded with ads and messages to consume more and more unhealthy food. And it’s working. Kids are definitely eating more and more, exercising less, and packing on the pounds. Serving sizes have ballooned, healthy options, all but vanished. It’s a tough, tough, uphill climb for sure. Many of these kids won’t recover. And most will become a cost burden that may eventually cripple the nation’s healthcare system.

As new parents the film definitely hit us hard. It really is up to us to help ensure our kids eat healthy. Yes, the government should help and corporations should care, but don’t hold your breath waiting for either of those things to happen. They won’t. But as parents we can make a difference. We’re certainly going to try our best.

One area of the picture where I actually found myself not feeling sorry for the kids was when they would cry and complain how fat they were, then eat pizza, cheeseburgers, chips, soda, and candy and say how hard they were trying not to get fatter. I get how it’s an addiction. Truly I do. Though at some point the only person you can blame for what you stick in your own mouth is yourself.

8 thoughts on “A Big Fat Lie

  1. we have not seen many obese people (and certainly not obese young people) in our trip through southern europe. joanne says the mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world. i don’t know if that’s true, but you certainly don’t see a lot of fast food outlets here and they eat a local of fish and vegetables. and lots of Olive Oil!!!!!!!


    1. There’s another less known factor that causes obesity: eating quickly vs. eating slowly. If you have a single serving, that’s bad (fast food), but if you eat slower and smaller portions over a longer period of time, that’s better because food has more time to make its way from the small intestine to the large one, and therefore you digest gradually and you keep less fat in the body.


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