Near year. New site. One simple page to house my thoughts, photos, and oddities.

1/24/21A Stroll Through Red Hook

Red Hook Brooklyn 1 Red Hook Brooklyn 2 Red Hook Brooklyn 3 Red Hook Brooklyn 4

In Winter

1/23/21Morning Light

Morning Light Coming Through Bedroom Window

With Sleeping Lili

1/23/21New Typhoon!

Wonderful to see new Typhoon. They've always been a fav of mine. I've gotten to see them a few times at Mercury Lounge (damn remember seeing live music!?) and they've always been great.

1/22/21Coffee-Rubbed Tri-Tip

This recipe comes via the NY Times Cooking app (arguably the best cooking app out there). I was a little concerned the spice rub would come out tasting too much like coffee and be overpowering, but I'm happy to say this was superb. I think it would work even better if you have access to a grill — but alas city life meant we went with the pan-roasting/oven method. Even with that you get a excellent char and crisp outer crust. We went with medium rare (which c'mon is the only way you should ever cook a steak). This was an absolute winner — well except Niko — poor dude didn't love it. Still this will be making more appearances in the future for us for sure.

Tri-Tip Steak With Dry Rub

Initial Dry Rub

Tri-Tip Steak With Dry Rub 24 hrs later

24hrs Later

Tri-Tip Steak With Dry Rub after roasting

Resting After Oven Roasting

Tri-Tip Steak With Dry Rub cut open

After Resting — Perfectly Medium Rare

Tri-Tip Steak With Dry Rub plated

Plated (with quinoa and oven-roasted vegetables

1/21/21A Walk Through Chinatown

Chinatown NYC 1 Chinatown NYC 2 Chinatown NYC 3 Chinatown NYC 4 Chinatown NYC 5 Chinatown NYC 6

Taken with "Shōmei" — My Fuji X-T4


Downtown NYC from Brooklyn Bridge Park

In B&W With Winter Grass

1/19/21Orange & Red Door

Building with orange and red door in Red Hook Brooklyn

In Red Hook


Lone tree in a field at Storm King Arts Center Andy Goldsworthy Storm King Wall wrapping around a tree

Winter at Storm King

1/17/21What A Drag

Here's a newish tune (2017) from an oldish band. Well technically a newish band from John Davis called "The Lees of Memory". But he'll always be the frontman and songwriter for the '90s band Superdrag to me. It's great to see him still putting out music.

1/16/21Empty Cafe

cafe on Smith street in Brooklyn NY shot with film

Fujifilm GW690II & Fuji Pro 400 #film

1/15/21Holy Moly

saint pauls church on court street brooklyn new york



Brooklyn Skyline looking south toward Bay Ridge

In B&W

1/13/21A Break

Just a quick note I've decided to hop off social media for the foreseeable future. Don't worry, this isn't some diatribe about the ills of social media. I think social media can be quite wonderful and enjoyable. Just personally I felt like it was sucking up a lot of my time. And I have a lot of things I'd like to tackle and focus on for 2021, so something had to give to make time for it all. Social Media was an easy one to purge. And two weeks into 2021 I've enjoyed being "off" it.

I do still check Twitter from time to time for latest events. But, I've unfollowed everyone there and on Instagram, too. Don't take it personally. For the love of God please care less whether I follow you. Just again, for me, I needed a break from "feeds".

I plan on using this site to post any content or thoughts. I like the idea of my own little space in the vast universe of the Internet. So, if you ever want to get in touch you'll need to drop an email — gasp — by clicking on the icon at the top right of the page or hitting this link.

1/11/21There can be only one

Like any photographer I lust after a bunch of different cameras (and yes I'm already very lucky to own some amazing cameras and lenses). It's just so easy to get swept up in the gear game. And it's fun to dream, too. But, the truth is I still adore my five-year-old Fuji X-Pro2. To me it's the perfect camera in so many ways. I mean just look at it! It's a sexy ass camera.

photo of Fujifilm X-Pro2 Camera on white desk

I go through these bouts where either I feel like everything I'm shooting is crap. Or I just don't feel like shooting at all (mostly because I tell myself my photography is crap). But then I grab my X-Pro2 and it just fills me with this buzz. The "thunk" of its shutter still can't be matched IMO. To me it just feels right. It makes the act of taking a photo a joy for me. I'm not sure I'll ever feel that way about another camera. If someone told me tomorrow I could only keep one camera and one lens there is no doubt I'd keep my X-Pro2 and my 23MM lens. And I'd be totally OK with that.

1/10/21Happy 84th

mom on sofa at 217 Ashton Drive


1/9/21Curved Shadow

lamp post shadow on wall

I've been shooting a lot in B&W lately and digging it.

1/8/21Happy (50th)

Angela at Art Museum


1/7/21Mother & Child

Niko and Lili on bed


1/6/21This Gal's Got It

Lili with Light Leak


1/5/21Stars & Stripes

Flag and Subway

In Decay


Branches in Ice

Natural Sculpture


Parking Garages


1/2/21Hot Dam

Kids at Croton Dam

New Year Crew

1/1/21Hello World.


Welcome to 2021