6/13/21Wooden Pallets Leaning on Walls

Wooden Palette Leaning on a Wall Wooden Palette Leaning on a Wall Wooden Palette Leaning on a Wall

A Series

6/12/21Gold & Diamond

Gold & Diamond, Kozin. Jewelers Row Philadelphia


6/11/21Independence Hall

City Hall in Philadelphia at night, from the window of the Hotel Monaco

At Night

6/10/21Black Tom & Charlie Martin

My grandfathers My grandfathers

Old School Cool Grandfathers

6/9/21Wildwood Crest

Wildwood Crest Beach with hazy boardwalk in background

Beach and Boards


Empire Pest Control on Court Street in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn

Empire Pest Control


egg dough cut in half

Dough Lungs Filled With Air


Tree in front of house

And House

6/5/21RIP Mark I

Mark 1 Hotel in Wildwood Crest NJ being torn down Mark 1 Hotel in Wildwood Crest NJ being torn down Mark 1 Hotel in Wildwood Crest NJ being torn down Mark 1 Hotel in Wildwood Crest NJ being torn down

You had a good run


Emma on the beach with her hair being blown

On A Very Windy Beach


Niko at Sunset Lake

Sunset Lake, Wildwood Crest, NJ


Niko at Sunset Lake

At Mack's Pizza


Emma, Niko, and Lili at Mack's Pizza on the Wildwood Boardwalk. Memorial Day Weekend 2021

For Life!


Old Car on Street in Lower Manhattan


5/30/21Lone Tree

Lone Tree



Chinatown NYC 1 Chinatown NYC 1 Chinatown NYC 1

Via Manhattan Bridge

5/28/21Chinatown Roofs

Chinatown NYC 1 Chinatown NYC 2

Via Manhattan Bridge

5/27/21Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge

Via The Manhattan Bridge

5/26/21Concrete & Shadow

Shadow on concrete wall in Dumbo, Brooklyn



Lights at Hoyt G Stop



Emma in her dress

Mi Amor

5/20/21Gowanus Canal

Gowanus Canal and Crane Gowanus Canal and Crane

Fujifilm GW690II

5/19/21Scooter Boy

Niko on the Corner of Court Street on his Scooter

In B&W


making pasta with a chitarra making pasta with a chitarra

Nonnas Rejoice!


light that looks like a sculpture



Niko on his scooter going down the street



Interior of a green laundromat



Emma and Niko on the swings at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

5/10/21Union Street Bridge

woman in black pushing black stroller crossing the Union Street Bridge in Gowanus Brooklyn

And A Baby

5/9/21Nature Is Healing

eggs at Buvette

Back To Buvette

5/8/21Pink Umbrella

pink umbrella hanging in an alley

And Pipe

5/7/21Real Head Shots

headshots of Lili headshots of Lili headshots of Lili headshots of Lili

Can't go wrong with any of them


headshot of Lili holding gray card in front of her face


5/5/21Lady Liberty

Statue of Liberty at sunset in black and white

In Black & White

5/4/21One Year

homemade pappardelle pasta - part of my one year sfoglino project



Niko on the roof eating watermelon

Rooftop BBQ

5/2/21This View

Brooklyn Looking South

Never. Gets. Old.

5/1/21Picture Day

Emma on picture day Niko on picture day Emma and Niko on picture day


4/30/21Pier 1

Pier 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

4/29/21A Walk Through Brooklyn Heights

Black and White polaroid SX-70 photos of Brooklyn Heights April 2021

Polaroid SX-70

4/28/21A Walk Through Gowanus

Fuji Instax Wide 300 Photos of Gowanus April 2021

Fuji Instax Wide 300

4/27/21Swaggy Kids

Emma and Niko in sunglasses with attitude Emma and Niko in sunglasses with attitude Emma and Niko in sunglasses with attitude

Throwing Shades

4/26/21Martinez Grocery

Martinez Grocery Court Street Brooklyn, with a blue car passing in front

With A Blue Car


Dusk in Brooklyn NYC looking at downtown Manhattan

In Brooklyn


Montero Bar & Grill on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn NY

Bar & Grill


Sunset in Brooklyn



Kids and Kusama at NYBG



ovv storefront

Yeah You Know Me

4/20/21Getting High on Purple Haze


420 Sunset

4/19/21Super Strong

whole wheat and dark rye sourdough

Sourdough Game

4/18/21Patient Waiters

Emma & Niko at Brooklyn Army Terminal x

As Mami got her second shot — Brooklyn Army Terminal

4/17/21Un Vestido Nuevo

Emma in her new dress from El Salvador, and Niko being silly Emma in her new dress from El Salvador, and Niko being silly

Y Un Loco

4/16/21One + One

This song is thumping. Reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age. Which is a very good thing. Dig.

4/15/21Night & Day

F/G Subway line brooklyn ny at Caroll Gardens at night F/G Subway line brooklyn ny at Caroll Gardens

F/G Line - Smith 9th

4/14/21Eerily Quiet

Brooklyn rooftops at night in the haze Brooklyn rooftops at night in the haze Brooklyn rooftops at night in the haze Brooklyn rooftops at night in the haze


4/13/21This Country Saddens Me

This morning the US called for a pause in administering the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine after seven people — out of seven million — "may" have developed blood clots as a result of the vaccine. I don't agree with the decision, but respect how quickly they acted.

Yet another black man, Daunte Wright, was shot and killed by police just miles from the George Floyd trial. For the record hundreds of black men are shot and killed by police every year and nothing happens. Nothing changes. No one will act swiftly. Gun laws won't be changed. Qualified immunity for police officers will not be abolished. Politicians will wring their hands and send thoughts and prayers. And ultimately no one will be held responsible.

I can't begin to imagine how tired, frightened, enraged, and helpless the black community must feel. I'm not trying to be mega-woke, or virtue signal, I just can't post pictures of my life, unaffected by this madness, as if nothing is happening or not call out this inhumanity. It is happening daily to black lives and it's wrong. It is madness. It is heartbreaking. This country should be thoroughly embarrassed. It has to stop.

4/12/21A Moment In Time

Emma on the couch laughing Niko on the couch smiling

Emma & Niko

4/11/21I See Spots

Emma and Niko at the NYBG in front of the Kusama sculpture

Kids And Kusama


homemade Ciabatta homemade Ciabatta homemade Ciabatta

First time. Fun. Came out well.


Building in Luray VA Building in Luray VA



Lili on the corner in downtown Luray VA

Luray VA


Abandoned Store on main street in Luray VA

Downtown Luray

4/6/21Liberty Income Tax

Liberty Income Tax in Luray VA


4/5/21Luray Invaders

Niko and Emma walking down main street in Luray VA

Punks Down South

3/30/21One Year Sflogino

me making pasta by hand. kinda.

I'll admit upfront I'm kinda insane. Definitely obsessive / compulsive. That explains why I'm making pasta every day. Yes, every day. By hand. I just want to get really good at it, and the only way I know how is to do it. A lot. You can follow along here on a sub-page of this site. Or there's an Instagram too. I think my wife is already sick of pasta. Luckily, my kids are not!


I was having dinner with a friend the other night. We got to talking about ambition and the desire to win. In this context we were talking about business or your professional life. The word ambitious has been stuck in my head since that dinner.

Mostly because the meaning of ambitious seems to have been co-opted to describe "successful at business at all costs". And I'm not sure why. The real definition is "having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed". Which can be very broad. Yet society tends to revere a very specific type of "ambitious" person mainly because of their financial success. Think Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg, etc.

That has so little appeal to me. I wish more people were ambitious in life. Ambitious about being a better person to themselves. Ambitious about being a better spouse or parent. Ambitious about being a better citizen in general. Ambitious about doing the right thing. I think the world would be a better place. I'd love to see us look up to and admire those people more. There a lot of them out there! I think the world would be a better place for it.

3/28/21Welcome Hoke Baby

Movie theater in Luray VA

Luray VA

3/27/21Girl On Fire

Lili on the roof as the sun sets and is reflected on her face

Sharing a sunset with this woman

3/27/21A Fire In The Sky

Sunset from Brooklyn looking at Lower Manhattan

Deep Purple had it right


Emma in Blue Light Niko in Blue Light Emma in Red Light Niko in Blue Light


3/22/21New York

Shot of lower Manhattan from Red Hook Brooklyn

Via Red Hook


homemade chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Chip Game


two fresh sourdough loaves

Sourdough Game


Niko leaning on a street lamp on Smith Street in Brooklyn


3/18/21Big Kid

photo of me in a candy shop photo of me in a candy shop

In a candy shop.



And a house down Wildwood Crest. A boy can dream.


pizza at Lucali's in Brooklyn

Still the undisputed champ in my book

3/15/21Back to da Toscano

dinner at da Toscano dinner at da Toscano dinner at da Toscano dinner at da Toscano dinner at da Toscano

It had been too long. So good.


black and white photo of Emma with shades dipping down


3/13/21Emma Marina Riveros Love

Polaroid SX-70 Photo of Emma Marina Riveros Love

Polaroid SX-70

3/12/21Mi Flia

Portrait of Lili Riveros Portrait of Emma Love Riveros Portrait of Niko Love Riveros

♥ March 2021


barricade on its side on the street that looks like modern art



Statue of Mary with Flag


3/9/21Me In The Antelope Slot Canyon

me taking a photo in the antelope canyon in Arizona

My friend Tom sent this to me the other day. He snapped it while I was snapping some shots in the lower Antelope Slot Canyons in Arizona. That was such an amazing trip. Can't wait to get back out West again.

3/8/21Homemade Gnochhi With Short Rib Ragu

Homemade Gnochhi With Short Rib Ragu Homemade Gnochhi With Short Rib Ragu Homemade Gnochhi With Short Rib Ragu Homemade Gnochhi With Short Rib Ragu Homemade Gnochhi With Short Rib Ragu Homemade Gnochhi With Short Rib Ragu

I made this last month and am just now getting around to posting it. This isn't "hard" to make per se, just takes time. But it's absolutely worth it.

3/7/21Homemade Chicken Sandwich

Homemade Chicken Sandwich Homemade Chicken Sandwich

Even made the bread (yeah, I made the rolls) and homemade pickles. This sandwich was bomb.

3/6/21Homemade Carbonara

homemade carbonara homemade carbonara

With real guanciale. Yum.

3/5/21The Kamoinge Workshop

Wonderful exhibit up at the Whitney right now of the early years of the Kamoinge Workshop. Was so glad that Lili and I were able to get over and check this out. It's breathtaking, heartfelt, raw, and honest photography. The kind that really resonates with me. Such powerful work during such a tumultuous time during our country. I love that these creative voices are finally getting broader attention. It's beyond deserved.

The Kamoinge Workshop at the Whitney The Kamoinge Workshop at the Whitney The Kamoinge Workshop at the Whitney The Kamoinge Workshop at the Whitney The Kamoinge Workshop at the Whitney The Kamoinge Workshop at the Whitney The Kamoinge Workshop at the Whitney The Kamoinge Workshop at the Whitney The Kamoinge Workshop at the Whitney The Kamoinge Workshop at the Whitney

For more information check out the Whitney site


American flag in front of a Brooklyn Brownstone

And Stripes

3/3/21West Village

West Village NY 1 West Village NY 1


3/2/21She's A Work Of Art

Lili on the outside deck of the Whitney museum in New York City

PY at the Whitney


homemade sourdough

I'm a year late to the pandemic sourdough craze, but I'm coming out swinging


Lili in the subway with the E Train going by

And A Blurry E Train

2/27/21Sourdough Skillet Pizza

Skillet Pizza

With Chorizo & Shallots


Gowanus Framed


2/25/21Cupboard VIII

Cupboard VIII by Simone Leigh, 2018 at the Whitney Museum of Art

Simone Leigh, 2018 (Whitney Museum of Art, NYC)


Michael Aiello Dairy Store Front

Dairy Maid


Gowanus concrete quarry 1 Gowanus Concrete quarry 2

Concrete Quarry

2/21/21My Mom With Her Dad

Charlie Marting with is daughter (my mom) on his knee

Charlie Martin & His Little Girl

2/20/21Snow Fight

Emma on the roof while it's covered in snow Emma and Niko on the roof while it's covered in snow Niko on the roof while it's covered in snow Niko throwing snow on the roof

Rooftop Fun


Snowy Smith Street Grocery Store

Smith Street Grocery


Snowy Roof In Brooklyn Snowy Subway In Brooklyn


2/17/21My Crew

Emma and Niko in elevator

Going Down

2/16/21The Light

Mom In The Light

"There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, their light remains" — Unknown

I took this photo of my mom on the last night of her life. I think it was around one in the morning. My brothers, sister, her husband, Lili, and I were all nestled in a tiny room sitting around her bed. We sat there and talked and laughed and shared memories of our lives. It was sad, yet special. We were a family, together, for the first time in a long time.

I remember sitting there and seeing the light cascade down outside the window and how tranquil it looked. It felt spiritual. I was grateful we were all able to be there with her. And all I could think was I wanted to take a picture of how peaceful and angelic she looked. I wasn't sure if I would ever share it, but I want to. Because even as her life ended she shined. She always shined. She was a remarkable woman.

2/15/21Red Hook

Red Hook Weeds



Crownsville Church

In The Snow

2/13/21Martinez Grocery

Martin Grocery Food Center on Court Street in Brooklyn in the winter

Food Center

2/10/21Crownsville Medical Center

Crownsville Medical Center



Blue Winter Sky with trees at very bottom


2/7/21Crownsville Hospital Center

Crownsville Hospital Center Abandoned Quarters

Abandoned Quarters

2/6/21Snow Patrol

Niko, Lili, and Emma hiking in the snow in Crownsville Maryland

Crownsville, Maryland


Dad kissing mom

My dad kissing my mom. This is one of my favorite photos/possessions. My dad would probably be around my age now in this photo. I like to think they're together again. Somewhere. I sure hope so.

2/4/21Lady In A Blue Shawl

Lili Polaroid SX-70 photo of her sitting outside at Blue Bottle

Elegance defined

2/3/21Mug Shot

Emma and Niko Fuji Instant Camera Photo

Guilty As Charged

2/2/21Catherine Rosemary Love

Catherine Rosemary Love in her kitchen at 217 Ashton Drive, Gibbstown, NJ

1/10/1937 - 2/2/2021. Love you, Mom

1/31/21Crazy Tuco

My sister's dog Tuco

Sis' Dog

1/30/21Bread Game

Photo of my finished baked loaf of bread from the NY Times No Knead Bread Recipe

NY Times No Knead Bread (Came out decent. I need more practice.)

1/29/21All The News That's Fit To Print

Fuji Instax Wide 300 Photo of Lili reading the NY Times paper while sitting on the couch

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300


Alleva cheese shop in Little Italy NYC

Little Italy NYC


New York City Skyline From Brooklyn

via Brooklyn (4-minute long exposure with ND Filter)

1/26/21All My Favorite Songs

Weezer is definitely in my top five bands of all time. And while some of their late work is let's just say not their best... they still put out some great, catchy tunes. This new one thankfully falls into that camp.

1/25/21Portrait of a Hiker

Portrait of Lili While Hiking

At the top of Anthony's Nose, Cold Spring, NY

1/24/21Red Hook Stroll

Red Hook Brooklyn 1 Red Hook Brooklyn 2 Red Hook Brooklyn 3 Red Hook Brooklyn 4

In Winter

1/23/21Morning Light

Morning Light Coming Through Bedroom Window

With Sleeping Lili

1/23/21New Typhoon!

Wonderful to see new Typhoon. They've always been a fav of mine. I've gotten to see them a few times at Mercury Lounge (damn remember seeing live music!?) and they've always been great.

1/22/21Coffee-Rubbed Tri-Tip

This recipe comes via the NY Times Cooking app (arguably the best cooking app out there). I was a little concerned the spice rub would come out tasting too much like coffee and be overpowering, but I'm happy to say this was superb. I think it would work even better if you have access to a grill — but alas city life meant we went with the pan-roasting/oven method. Even with that you get a excellent char and crisp outer crust. We went with medium rare (which c'mon is the only way you should ever cook a steak). This was an absolute winner — well except Niko — poor dude didn't love it. Still this will be making more appearances in the future for us for sure.

Tri-Tip Steak With Dry Rub

Initial Dry Rub

Tri-Tip Steak With Dry Rub 24 hrs later

24hrs Later

Tri-Tip Steak With Dry Rub after roasting

Resting After Oven Roasting

Tri-Tip Steak With Dry Rub cut open

After Resting — Perfectly Medium Rare

Tri-Tip Steak With Dry Rub plated

Plated (with quinoa and oven-roasted vegetables

1/21/21A Walk Through Chinatown

Chinatown NYC 1 Chinatown NYC 2 Chinatown NYC 3 Chinatown NYC 4 Chinatown NYC 5 Chinatown NYC 6

Taken with "Shōmei" — My Fuji X-T4


Downtown NYC from Brooklyn Bridge Park

In B&W With Winter Grass

1/19/21Orange & Red Door

Building with orange and red door in Red Hook Brooklyn

In Red Hook


Lone tree in a field at Storm King Arts Center Andy Goldsworthy Storm King Wall wrapping around a tree

Winter at Storm King

1/17/21What A Drag

Here's a newish tune (2017) from an oldish band. Well technically a newish band from John Davis called "The Lees of Memory". But he'll always be the frontman and songwriter for the '90s band Superdrag to me. It's great to see him still putting out music.

1/16/21Empty Cafe

cafe on Smith street in Brooklyn NY shot with film

Fujifilm GW690II & Fuji Pro 400 #film

1/15/21Holy Moly

saint pauls church on court street brooklyn new york



Brooklyn Skyline looking south toward Bay Ridge

In B&W

1/13/21A Break

Just a quick note I've decided to hop off social media for the foreseeable future. Don't worry, this isn't some diatribe about the ills of social media. I think social media can be quite wonderful and enjoyable. Just personally I felt like it was sucking up a lot of my time. And I have a lot of things I'd like to tackle and focus on for 2021, so something had to give to make time for it all. Social Media was an easy one to purge. And two weeks into 2021 I've enjoyed being "off" it.

I do still check Twitter from time to time for latest events. But, I've unfollowed everyone there and on Instagram, too. Don't take it personally. For the love of God please care less whether I follow you. Just again, for me, I needed a break from "feeds".

I plan on using this site to post any content or thoughts. I like the idea of my own little space in the vast universe of the Internet. So, if you ever want to get in touch you'll need to drop an email — gasp — by clicking on the icon at the top right of the page or hitting this link.

1/11/21There can be only one

Like any photographer I lust after a bunch of different cameras (and yes I'm already very lucky to own some amazing cameras and lenses). It's just so easy to get swept up in the gear game. And it's fun to dream, too. But, the truth is I still adore my five-year-old Fuji X-Pro2. To me it's the perfect camera in so many ways. I mean just look at it! It's a sexy ass camera.

photo of Fujifilm X-Pro2 Camera on white desk

I go through these bouts where either I feel like everything I'm shooting is crap. Or I just don't feel like shooting at all (mostly because I tell myself my photography is crap). But then I grab my X-Pro2 and it just fills me with this buzz. The "thunk" of its shutter still can't be matched IMO. To me it just feels right. It makes the act of taking a photo a joy for me. I'm not sure I'll ever feel that way about another camera. If someone told me tomorrow I could only keep one camera and one lens there is no doubt I'd keep my X-Pro2 and my 23MM lens. And I'd be totally OK with that.

1/10/21Happy 84th

mom on sofa at 217 Ashton Drive


1/9/21Curved Shadow

lamp post shadow on wall

I've been shooting a lot in B&W lately and digging it.

1/8/21Happy (50th)

Angela at Art Museum


1/7/21Mother & Child

Niko and Lili on bed


1/6/21This Gal's Got It

Lili with Light Leak


1/5/21Stars & Stripes

Flag and Subway

In Decay


Branches in Ice

Natural Sculpture


Parking Garages


1/2/21Hot Dam

Kids at Croton Dam

New Year Crew

1/1/21Hello World.


Welcome to 2021